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Am I my brother's keeper?

by Paul King-Brown, March 2016

Am I my brother's keeper?

“Am I my brother`s keeper?” is a much cited Biblical quotation that has been used in varied contexts from Shakespeare to urban movies. Most of the time I have heard this saying, the exponent is rarely taking responsibility; but in fact trying to divest the idea that to care and have compassion is not part of their immediate agenda. In our hedonistic culture caring for others has become more difficult. We see this in how we treat the aged of our society. How, due to our capitalists’ pursuits, we have no time or commitment to care, as we build institutions to do the caring on our behalf.

Last week, I heard an amazing sermon based on the Luke 10 story of ‘The Good Samaritan’ where a similar question was asked, “Who is your neighbor?” Matthew 25, also expounds on this theory by citing a range of scenarios where caring, compassion, and mercy are called for regardless of our personal pursuits and goals. The question asked in Matthew is, “Where were you, when I was in need?”

If you have heard me preach you would know that I am obsessed with a story in Mark 2. The story is about this guy who is paralyzed and he has a set a friends that decide that they have to get their friend to the feet of Jesus. Because at the feet of Jesus is healing, grace, compassion, forgiveness and mercy. I love this story because nowhere do you find the paralyzed man begging his friends to help him out. In this story the friends take the initiative to persist and resist whatever barriers get in their way. As their friend must be, will be, at the feet of the savior. We would all love friends like this in our lives.

~  Paul King-Brown, Pastor