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Elevator People

by Paul King-Brown, February 2016

Elevator People

One of the most beautiful experiences you can have is when you discover you have a true friend, the sort you can depend on in a crisis. There was no plan to ask him or her of anything, no obligation or duty to uphold. You just discovered that there are these amazing people, who through thick and thin, value you to such an extent that they refuse to leave you in the mire. They are your cheerleaders, supporters, and encouragers, motivators, who despite your flaws, or immediate crisis situation have decided I am not just going to remain with you until it is ok. But I am going to lift you up, and they want to see you in better position than the one they found you.

In the Bible there are few outstanding people like these. The most common stories of remarkable friendships are the relationship between David and Jonathan, and Ruth and Naomi. If you were to read the accounts of these friendships in the Old Testament, you become profoundly aware that when you have caliber friends you are a blessed and enriched person.

John Maxwell, in his book, “Winning with People” calls these people. “Elevator People.” Maxwell simply states that in our lives there are people who possess the power to bring us down, or lift us up. He would go on to suggest that our endeavor is to always become the latter. To be the kind of person that elevates others with love, sincerity, and compassion.

We have been discussing recently what best defines our church. Is it the rate of membership or the value of an authentic community? Are we a church where we do spectator sports, or is our church a place of breakthrough prayers, sincere love, and genuine non-judgmental compassion. Is our church a place the locals would to be elevated? Or would they leave deflated, re-confirming the already long held outstanding negative stereotypes, that church is not a kind place to be.

At LondonLive Church, we have discovered that true friendships, true devotion to another is not only necessary, but also God sent. As God understands that within our spirituality and religious ritual we still require the intimacy and connection that true friendships bring.

So!!!! What kind of friend have you been??? You can be honest, I will not tell anyone. God has used donkeys, doves, and ravens. But his favorite thing is watching you be amazing for him; in the way you conduct your friendships; because he has placed you in other people lives for a reason.

 So this week I am trusting that you are going to be a valued `Elevator Person. ` That being around you can only lift someone up.

~ Paul King-Brown, Pastor