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Relax! I Got This - Pt 1

by Paul King-Brown, March 2016

Relax! I Got This - Pt 1

In Genesis 18, Abraham is told during a lavish meal that he and his wife, Sarah are going to at last have a child within the next year. The problem with this declaration is that both of them are self-admittedly, old, withered, and past having a baby. And as such, from Sarah`s side this news is not just ridiculous, but laughable. But the giver of this news asks a rhetoric question, “Is there anything too hard for the Lord?” The question for the reader is one where are minds would search for a situation God could not effect, could not fix; but from the questioner`s point of view and experience, “There is simply nothing too hard for God.”

As Luke is writing the book of Luke and Acts, he has compiled eyewitness` accounts, documented evidence, and literary research to convince the recipient of his work, Theopolis, that the buzz and evidence about Jesus Christ is true. That women, foreigners, the sick, and all who are marginalized are as equal in God`s eyes as anyone else. That salvation is indeed free for all. But there is one additional aspect to Luke`s thesis, and that is the emphasis he places on the effect and workings of the Holy Spirit. Luke knows that after reading this evidence, the reader can only come to one conclusion. “There is nothing too hard for God?”

So Luke tells three stories, we can call them conversion stories. He tells a story of the Chancellor of the Exquereor for Ethiopia, a rich and powerful man who is so moved by the explaining of the word of God, that he insists on getting baptized. He then tells a story of a top foreign, military official whose family all decide to follow Jesus. But the story that seems so remarkable is the conversion of a terrorist called Saul. This conversion is so dramatic to say the least, because Saul has no intentions of following

Jesus. He has a different path planned for his life, and militant in execution of his quest. But as Luke writes, he wants you to not just focus on the startling change of attitude, but to remember to truly focus on one thing. “There is nothing too hard for God!!!”

As you go through your week, as you battle the obstacles and storms of life. Whether you face disease, disappointment, frustration, doubt, or brokenness. God wants you to know two things:

“He is 100% on your team.” and secondly

“There is nothing too hard for God. Nothing!!”

~ Paul King-Brown, Pastor