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Who is Jesus? Who is this guy? Pt 1

by Paul King-Brown, December 2015

Who is Jesus? Who is this guy? Pt 1

Every day, even if I don’t believe in this guy when I turn on my computer it flashes me the date, implicitly acknowledging that whatever I believe, the birth of Jesus is so important if splits history in two parts. Everything that has happened on this planet falls into a two undeniable categories, before Christ of after Christ.

H.G. Wells, a learned historian suggests that a test of true individual greatness is, “What did he leave to grow? Did he start men thinking along fresh lines with a vigor that persisted after him?’ And it would seem from this historical test, Jesus passed. It is said that you can gauge the size of the ship that has passed out of sight by the huge wake it leaves behind.

But who is this guy, Jesus? Many encounter Jesus as a political revolutionary, as a magician who married Mary Magdalene, as a Galilean charismatic, a rabbi, a peasant Jewish cynic, a Pharisee, an eschatological prophet, a hippie in world of Augustan yuppies, or as an hallucinogenic leader of a scared mushroom cult. In the midst of such confusion how do we answer the simple question, “Who is this Jesus guy?”

Secular history gives us few clues to who Jesus is. No physical description, no stature, no idea of his weight or eye colour. Details of his family are scant, as scholars continue to argue whether or not he had brothers and sisters. Yet despite this lack of detail, it is estimated than more has been written about Jesus in the last 30 years than in the previous 19 centuries. Yet in all the questioning during Jesus existence on Earth he rarely tries to confirm or deny the prevailing rumors surrounding himself.

As a child I personally saw Jesus as a superhero, only to be disappointed that when in trouble he would never use the word “abracadabra” to escape trouble and the impending suffering that awaited him. Yet the overriding thought that encourages my exploration of this guy, Jesus, is that all who encounter Jesus, everyone whose life he engages and touches never remains the same

~ Paul King-Brown, Pastor