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Who is Jesus? Who is this guy? Pt 4

by Paul King-Brown, Janurary 2016

Who is Jesus? Who is this guy? Pt 4

The period leading up to the last US presidential elections in 2007-2008 were exciting, engaging, and unprecedented times. Politics, which had taken its fair battering of deception and mistrust issues suddenly seemed to have us glued to potentially two firsts in American history: Either we were going to have the first Black president or the first woman president.

Initially, which first seemed very unclear, but with amazing rhetoric and eloquence a candidate spoke to our hearts, our aspirations, and made us believe that our world could be better again. Barack Obama, entitled one of his books ‘The Audacity of Hope` and it was with this audacity he won our hearts, our minds, and the 2008 election to become the first African-American President of the USA.

On observing Obama`s meteoric rise it became very apparent to me that humanity needs and is always searching for a saviour. Whether it is a Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Gandhi, in whatever crisis our world is in, we need, long for, someone who can make a difference. Someone who can make our world better, or at least help us believe that it can be better.

Before the birth of Jesus, there were many people looking for, yearning for a saviour, a messiah. Old Testament literature was riddled with promises of a day when someone would arrive, and things would soon get better because something had to change. We, today look at the economic crisis, the social crisis, the family crisis and not only hope that things get better but are dreaming, longing for a person who could come and make a difference to the issues of our lives, of our world.

As a follower of politics I now no longer want politicians to promise me the world. I would simply like them to keep their word. If I start to believe in you, don’t disappoint me and break the trust that I have given you. If I have the audacity to believe in you have the responsibility and accountability to want to be considered credible, with your integrity intact.

In the Bible this idea of trust, of keeping ones word seems important to God. Rom 3:3-4 says, “True, some of them were unfaithful; but just because they broke their promises, does that mean God will break his promises? Of course not!!! Though everyone else is a liar, God is true.”

Next time we talk I’ll be asking, “What exactly is God promising?”

~ Paul King-Brown, Pastor