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LondonLive Church is a community of regular Londoners whose deepest desire and passion is to connect people with the living and compassionate God. As a thriving church we seek to share and experience the wonderful blessings, love, and acceptance that knowing God brings; as we enjoy living together within the cosmopolitan and dynamic city of London.
So, whether you are looking for a new church community, a place to ask life’s big questions, or just need some inspiration and encouragement, you are always welcome to LondonLive.

Stay connected during COVID-19.

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Host a Small Group

At LondonLive Church we are launching a Small Group network and would like to train as many people to lead a small group online. Sign up to join the first Zoom training webinar.

A Core Group is a gathering of 4-6 people who gather to share and grow together in Christ.

The primary purpose of the group is to create a safe environment where people can connect over the Bible, conversation and prayer.

Leadership can be daunting, so with Core Groups, we don’t need leaders as such, we just need hosts. Hosts are people who are willing to facilitate the group with setting a time, choosing a bible text to reflect on and make sure that everyone get an opportunity to speak and share. It really is that simple.

Zoom – 40 minutes (free) – 100 pp

Google Hangouts – Up to 25 people

What’s app video call – Up to 4 people

Bible – Any translation will do but choose one that everyone can understand. Recommended versions: NRSV, NKJV and NLT

Recommended workbook or study guide:


1) Start with a short prayer

2) Short introduction or an icebreaker

3) Read scripture, then share:
 - Anything stand out about the text that you didn’t notice before?
 - What does the scripture say about who God is?
 - What application can I make to my life?
 - What could I share with another person from this text that could empower or encourage them

4) Share any need for prayer in the group

5) Prayer

Between 40 mins – 1 hour

Donate to the LondonLive Hardship Fund.

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Prayer Requests

All requests are kept strictly confidential.

Do you need help during this tough time?

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Donate to the Hardship Fund

At LondonLive Church we are committed to helping as many people as possible, in times of real hardship. However, we are only able to do this through the generosity of individuals who give to the fund.

If you would like to give please click the DONATE button below.

Worship with us

Notting Hill Community Church
opp 23 Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2ES

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