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Small groups

LondonLive Church believes that authentic caring and sharing within its community is key to a thriving church and as such, we encourage all to be part of a LondonLive small group.

LondonLive groups normally meet every two weeks at a range of locations around London, and offer a safe environment for you to have honest dialogue, ask enquiring questions, meet new people, and be a part of a vibrant Bible-teaching experience. 

We believe that being involved with small groups, is an integral part of being a purposeful church, and so we implore you to join a group and reap the benefits, and have fun. 

 - Bible studies
 - Alpha course

Want to know more or get involved? Get in touch by emailing us at

Want to know more, or get involved?

Small groups @ LondonLive

Worship with us

Notting Hill Community Church
opp 23 Kensington Park Road
Notting Hill, London
W11 2ES

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Contact us

Paul King-Brown, Pastor
p: 07 810 560 495

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